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“Noriko Ogiwara has surely created one of the most significant works in Japanese literature for young people—for young people everywhere, and adults as well. While universal at heart, it is unique in mood, intensity, and the unforgettable beauty of its images. Beyond that, she has set new terms and new possibilities for the whole genre of high fantasy. Noriko Ogiwara says she has written the story she most wanted to read. She has done the same for us.”

— Newbery Medalist Lloyd Alexander (1924-2007) on Dragon Sword and Wind Child


Noriko Ogiwara’s first book, Sorairo-Magatama (originally published by Fukutake Publishing Co., Ltd., 1988) was the first of its kind, pioneering the genre of Japanese young adult fantasy. It earned Ogiwara the coveted New Writer’s Award from the Japanese Association of Children’s Writers. The original English translation (Dragon Sword and Wind Child) by Cathy Hirano was released in 1993 by Farrar, Straus & Giroux, and a second edition was released on October 16, 2007 by Viz Media. Its sequels are Hakuchou Iden (The Swan’s Strange Legend, 1991) and Usubeni Tennyo (Maid of Heaven, 1996), which won the Akaitori Literature Award.

Dragon Sword and Wind Child and its sequels are known as the Magatama (sacred jade) Trilogy in Japan. They are considered staples in Asian literature today.

The sequels Hakuchou Iden was released in English by Viz Media’s Haikasoru label on May 17, 2011 as Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince. The final installment Usubeni Tennyo is as of now only available in Japanese and Chinese. For story synopses, character descriptions, cover images, and purchasing info, please follow the links below.

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