Magatama no Sekai

English: The World of Magatama: A Noriko Ogiwara Reader
Japanese: 〈勾玉〉の世界 荻原規子読本 (Magatama no Sekai   Ogiwara Noriko Dokuhon)

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Japanese release listed for December 1, 2010 link

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(via translator Cathy Hirano): “…a new book inspired by the recent republication of the Magatama trilogy in paperback. It’s definitely for Magatama fans. Amazon is now taking [pre-]orders. It [contains] spin-off stories…from Dragon Sword and Wind Child, the first book. It also includes a dialogue between Noriko Ogiwara and Nahoko Uehashi (author of the Moribito series!) published in a magazine in 2007 plus some exerpts from other people, all about the Magatama trilogy and fantasy, and maybe even some short stories Ogiwara wrote a long time ago.”

More info on this book forthcoming…

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