Usubeni Tennyo

English: Maid of Heaven
Japanese: 薄紅天女 (Usubeni Tennyo)
Chinese: 薄红天女 (Bohong Tiannu)

Official Art (chronological order)

In some releases, Usubeni Tennyo is split into two volumes.

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Available only in Japanese and Chinese.

The Story

(translated from Chinese): The northern Emishi tribe and the capital city have long been at war. “The Heavenly Maiden of the Magatama will come from the East to save the fallen capital.” Spurred by this prophecy and saddened by the plight of her people, Princess Sonoe leaves the palace disguised as a young man, determined to recover the sacred jade. Meanwhile, Ataka spends his carefree days in a forest village. An unexpected encounter reveals that he is of the Emishi bloodline. Trying to find out more about his past, Ataka falls into a trap set by those who wish to use him for his shaman abilities. As Ataka’s family and friends set out to his rescue and Princess Sonoe seeks the Magatama, their perilous paths intertwine in a quest to resolve the age-old blood-feud between their warring tribes. Winner of the 1996 Akaitori Literature Award.

Part I – Ataka
 Chapter 1: Takeshiba
Chapter 2: The Northern Kingdom
Chapter 3: Akarutama/Bright Jade

Part II – Sonoe
 Chapter 4: The Youth
Chapter 5: The Youkai (Demon)
Chapter 6: The Mending

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