Site anniversary, new art, and sequel due for May 2011!

A lot of great things with this new update!

It has been a year since, the latest reincarnation of my DSWC fan sites, went online. Kaytseki, a good friend, painter, and fellow Ogiwara fan, has been so gracious as to paint Saya and Chihaya for the background of the website. See the original, full image in the Fanart section!

It appears that this summer a new round of covers were issued with the latest Japanese paperbacks of the Magatama trilogy. The covers of summer 2010 are minimalist, pastoral photo-manipulations that would appeal more to the casual reader (my opinion :]). Be sure to check out the new additions on the page for each book!

And saving the best for last…

Dragon Sword and Wind Child‘s sequel Hakuchou Iden is slated to come out next year on May 17th with the English title Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince. The book itself is in the final editing stages as I type. Keep your fingers crossed! And remember to buy the paperback of Dragon Sword and Wind Child in a couple weeks to support the release of sequels.

More news will be appended as I find it! Meanwhile, watch the original Hakuchou Iden page.

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