Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince English cover?

It looks as though the English translation of Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince will feature the cover art of Magatama no Sekai, which was released in Japan last December.

Left: Magatama no Sekai
Right: Prospective look of Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince

Unsure as of yet if this will be the final design to hit stores. (Amazon.com still sports a ‘Cover To Be Unveiled’ as of this posting.)

“Magatama no Sekai” on sale in Japan, Dec. 1

The short stories Ogiwara-sensei blogged about earlier this summer will appear in an anthology entitled Magatama no Sekai: Ogiwara Noriko Dokuhon (The World of Magatama: A Noriko Ogiwara Reader) this December. It includes a talk with Noriko Ogiwara and Nahoko Uehashi, creator of the Moribito series, on Japanese fantasy.

More details will be added to the new Magatama no Sekai page on this website!

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Noriko Ogiwara’s relevant blog entries:

Thanks to Cathy Hirano for translation and verification!

DSWC paperback pushed back to November 16

Viz Media will be releasing Dragon Sword and Wind Child in paperback under its Haikasoru label November 16, 2010 (originally scheduled for September 08). This is going to be DSWC’s first time in paperback, so make sure you spread the word and support! Remember, sales and our chances of seeing the sequels have a positive correlation!

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Magatama trilogy spin-offs a possibility

According to Ogiwara-sensei’s August 18 blog post, she has been asked to write a collection of short stories branching off of the Magatama trilogy (Dragon Sword and Wind Child, Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince, Usubeni Tennyo). From what she describes, these short stories will be about things that don’t come up in the original novels but are related to the events that happen. So perhaps we can expect to see more of Chihaya, Saya, and the gang? :]

This prospective anthology will either be serialized in magazines or published in a single volume; it hasn’t been made clear yet. Japanese fans are excited and supportive, so maybe we fans overseas will be able to see these stories one day in English along with the rest of the trilogy.

Thanks to Cathy and Reina Hirano for translating the news! ♥