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Sorairo-Magatama Radio Drama

In 1989, NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) produced a radio drama based on Noriko Ogiwara’s Sorairo-Magatama. It was aired again 20 years later in early 2009. Mp3s provided courtesy of Kenji.

Sora no Iro – Soundtrack of the Musical

In 2004, ZABADAK teamed up with Himawari Theatre Group to produce Sorairo-Magatama the Musical. It ran from 08/04/04 to 08/14/04. Album donated by chucklingowl.

Icons & Wallpaper

This one’s kind of self-explanatory. Various icons and wallpaper made from official art.


Self-explanatory as well. Art by fans of Dragon Sword and Wind Child who have given me permission to post their work on this site.
Please note, however, that the majority of Magatama trilogy fanart exists on the websites of Japanese artists.

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