2004 Musical

Sora no Iro

Acclaimed musical group ZABADAK teamed up with the distinguished Himawari Theatre Group to produce this stunning soundtrack for Sorairo-Magatama the Musical (2004). Sora no Iro combines the diverse styles of traditional Japanese, rock, and choral music to powerful effect.

Thanks to chucklingowl, you can enjoy all the music here at Tales of Magatama! Click on any track to play it in the window below. Hitting the small ‘x’ in the upper-right corner will bring you back to the main tracklist.

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TRACKLISTING (kanji, romaji, English)

1. 空ノ色 Sora no Iro Color of the Sky
2. An Overture
3. 月の森 Tsuki no Mori Moon Forest
4. かがいの夜 Kagai no Yoru Night of the Kagai
5. 月光 Gekkou Moonlight
6. 波紋 Hamon Ripples
7. 雨の行方 Ame no Yukue Where The Rain Goes
8. Dreaming
9. わだつみ Wadatsumi God of the Sea
10. 風の船 Kaze no Fune Wind Boat
11. ロック・オペラ 封印されし神々へ
 鬨(とき)~ 願(ねがい)
 ~ 醒(めざめ)~ 導(しるべ)
 ~ 鎮(しずめ)~ 戦況
 ~ 鎮(しずめ)
 ~ 破壊 ~ 祈(いのり)
ROKKU OPERA Fuuinsareshi Kimigami e
 Toki~ Negai
 ~ Mezame~ Shirube
 ~ Shizume~ Senkyou
 ~ Shizume
 ~ Hakai ~ Inori
Rock Opera: To the Gods Sealed from this World
 Time~ Wish
 ~ Awakening~ Beacon
 ~ Appeasement~ War
 ~ Appeasement
 ~ Destruction ~ Prayer
12. 予兆 Youchou Omen
13. きざんできざんで Kizan de Kizan de Chop-chop
14. PAO
15. 黄泉の国へ Kouzen no Kuni e To the Underworld
16. 豊饒祝歌 Houjou Iwaiuta Harvest Hymn
17. 空ノ色~Finale Sora no Iro~Finale Color of the Sky~Finale

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  1. Hi there,

    I really love the book Sora no Iro (Dragon Sword and Wind Child)

    I’ve been wondering if theres a movie of it?
    They should make a movie!

    Pardon me, but I really love the music in here! its so Nice.

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