DSWC review and Hakuchou Iden news

Another review from 2007, dated but still relevant and compelling, by Lesley Smith:

“Everyone has books that they grew up reading, titles which have as much power over them as adults as they did when seven years old. I’d love to say that Dragon Sword and Wind Child (空色勾玉 or Sora Iro Magatama) was one of the ones I read as a child but from reading it I can guess how children in Japan must have felt. … Dragon Sword and Wind Child is [Ogiwara’s] debut novel and was translated by Cathy Hirano back in the early nineties and up until Viz republished it, English copies have been almost impossible to find.”

Read the rest of the review at:
Through the Eyes of a Journalist

In other news, you’ll be pleased to learn that Viz has Cathy back to work on Dragon Sword’s sequel, Hakuchou Iden. Let’s all wish for the best!

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