1989 Radio Drama

NHK’s 1989 radio drama adaption of Noriko Ogiwara’s Sorairo-Magatama (Dragon Sword and Wind Child). 10 episodes.

Cast list & Episode Summaries (Japanese)

Mp3s provided by Kenji (thank you, Kenji!). Feel free to download. You can also listen to all the episodes right here simply by clicking on the files in the window below. Hitting the small ‘x’ in the upper-right corner will bring you back to the main tracklist.


  1. Hey, I just listened to Episode 1. It’s pretty cool and I was able to follow it even without knowing Japanese because I read the book so many times. I’m such a geek. XD I was able to tell events, when Torihiko came in, Lady Iwa (love her old woman voice), and Lord Akitsu. I’ll follow up on the rest when I have time but awesome.

  2. That’s why I’m glad we’re geeky like that. Once you know the source material well enough, you don’t even need a translator. I laughed out loud when Saya lost her green belt. Just like how I imagined it.

    • I changed the hosting service for the episodes. Box.net has a cool widget that plays right in the window, so you won’t need to download to listen anymore. It’ll play all 10 episodes like a playlist. Let me know what you think of Chihaya’s voice when you hear it. I personally find it too old, but the acting is superb. By the end of the scene where Saya persuades him to leave the Palace (it’s just like the book), and he just stares at her and says breathlessly, “Saya…” I was totally won over. He sounded so genuine. :]

      • Actually, I think Chihaya’s voice is perfect. It’s not too deep or too young and I don’t think it sounds that old. It’s a “bishonen” voice, basically. XD Teruhi’s voice is astonishing – it’s sensual and deeper than I expected but it fits so well with her cruel edge.

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