Overenthusiastic spam filter

This is more a site-thing than it is Magatama trilogy news, but I felt I should mention it. Yes, this site gets a load of spam, and I am grateful for the powerful Akismet filter that I use. But it also just so happens that I can’t always find the time to read everything that’s in the spam queue, and often, I just end up deleting the whole list. There are times when Akismet catches real comments and mistakes them as spam. I’m faced with the possibility that I may have unintentionally deleted actual correspondence this way. I guess an apology can’t fix what’s already been done, but it’s better now that I’m aware of it and will make more of an effort to scan through the spam.

What prompted this was an extremely helpful comment that was wrongly marked as spam this morning. Luckily, I was able to fish it out and reply to it.

For the future, make a note of this: I always try to respond to comments, especially if they are inquiries. So if I haven’t replied to your comment, likely it was mistaken for spam. Comment again and hopefully it’ll go through, or I’ll notice it in the spam queue!

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